terça-feira, 1 de março de 2011

Meet you again, was like taste a memory. Timeless, unique, without guilt’s, or sins. The right dose seasoned with the taste that I want more, much more. In your body I rediscovered myself, good way to be found. In your flavor I was myself, good way to lose yourself. The perfect combination can exist anywhere in the world and can un-exist by the distance. I could freeze our moments and spend a lifetime discovering and watching you. Sculptured by hand with a crystalline and pure beauty – Just like that. A little boy in a man’s body. You recognize me only with a simple look. I don’t need to say anything, much less do something to know that is true and simple. I had almost forgotten how to live simple things are simply uncomplicated. Some stories are only our, and we will keep forever with  love inside of the “perfect moments box”.

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